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oil finishes

Amazing Top 5 Oil Finishes for Wood

Have you ever wondered what brings the shine on your furniture? What gives it a new life after being used for several years by you? If you are curious, we will like to break it to you that it is the different kinds of wood oil finishes that give your furniture the look it needs. Wood oil not only gives your...
wood stain

5 Types of Wood Stain

Wood Staining is a tale as old as time. Many woodworkers swear that the art of wood staining goes way back in time. According to them, the practice was fairly simple back then, and only had two main types: Ebony – also known as dark grey. This color was achieved by immersing iron nails in a vinegar bat. Tan wood...
oak wood

Why use Oak Wood for Woodworking?

Oak wood is among the most popular options used in woodworking for furniture and flooring. Oak wood offers a clear and natural finish, thereby ensuring that your woodworking project, furniture and flooring get a sleek and elegant look. Apart from woodworking, it is also efficient for burning as it has a high content of BTU. The oak wood is easy to...
wood for woodworking

10 Best Types of Wood for Woodworking

When it comes to wooden furniture, decorative art pieces, or any other wooden item, it is important to use the right type of wood for these projects or other purposes. Wood comes in a variety of forms and there are several species of wood available. Each of those species come with their own guidelines in order to get the most...
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